Beef - 1/2 Beef Box
Beef - 1/2 Beef Box
Beef - 1/2 Beef Box
Beef - 1/2 Beef Box

Beef - 1/2 Beef Box

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Certified grass fed beef from Flag Hill Ranch. There are five Beef Box options for Fresh & Local Farm Outlet customers: Weekend Warrior, Weekend Warrior Plus, Work Week Hustle, 1/4 Beef, 1/2 Beef. Each options has its own on-line product choice. Deadline for ordering is March 12, 2019.

Our premium Grass Fed Beef is dry-aged 21 days for a fork-tender texture, deep color and robust “beefy’ flavor.

1/2 Beef Box has 220 lbs of product.  The cuts of beef are taken from the whole animal not just the front or rear quarters. The assortment includes approximately:

  • 40 - 1lb packages of grass fed ground beef
  • 60 - cut steaks (6-8oz each)
  • 8 - beef short ribs packages (4 lbs)
  • 20 - 4lb roast
  • 8 - packages stewing meat (1lbs each)
  • 30lbs - Beef Bones

No Charge Option:

  • Beef organs: liver, heart, tongue and oxtail.

Wrapping Instructions:

When you select this option, please visit the Farm Outlet to complete the custom wrapping instructions to determine roast size, steak thickness, steak portions per package, ground beef package size, organ option, brisket, round steaks, stew meat, soup bones and short ribs.

Custom options:

in addition to the 1/2 beef, beef patties (20lbs for $169.99), sausage (10lbs for $87.77) and cheese smokies (10lbs for $99.99) can be added to the order.

Freezer Space Required:

A 1/2 beef is delivered in four boxes totalling approximately 24 cubic square feet.

Delivery Date:
Delivery date is April 18, 2019. Product will be delivered flash frozen. Beef portions are wrapped in butcher paper.